We all want to avoid fees in life, although it is very hard to do. Fees are everywhere – from ATM fees, to shipping fees, convenience fees, and many other places. Some fees are very transparent, while others are harder to find. There are people who are willing to pay fees if they are insignificant in cost and add ease to their particular situation. However, hidden fees in your investments is something you do not want to take lightly. Many investors are completely unaware of the fees they are paying on many of their accounts. In this episode, we want to help you understand the different types of hidden fees that are common in many investments. The more you pay in fees, the less money you could have, plain and simple. If you continue to pay unnecessary fees year after year, these will compound and eat away at your retirement savings. We all want to have more money when we retire, so how can we accomplish this? One way to work toward this goal is to avoid the hidden fees that many investors are paying year after year. And we are not saying that you shouldn’t pay fees at all, we just believe you should know exactly what you are paying in fees when investing your hard-earned dollars that you’ve worked all your life to accumulate.