Whether retirement is a couple years or a couple decades away, most people worry about one thing — will I have enough money to last until I die? A survey found happy retirements are less about how much money you have. We also have the concerns of inflation, taxes, healthcare and when to take social security.

What kind of investor are you? If you are able to find a balance of risk and reward you are far more likely to achieve the expected level of happiness. Investing involves a bit of both greed and fear. Where do your goals and assets fall into the plan?

While it is impossible to predict which direction markets will go, generally, each downside contains an upside potential somewhere else. With discipline and focus, you can strategically turn your dreams into financial realities. Above all, investment representatives can apply their expertise to help you pursue your goals, so you can relax and enjoy life.

Do you know the difference between a broker and a fiduciary?